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golf clubGolf Clubs Mentor gives you all the information, reviews and tips on the best golf clubs to suit your game. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced pro, from drivers to putters, from fairway woods to hybrid clubs, you are sure to find the answers to your questions.


If you are a golfing newbie then you are possibly worried about the costs involved. Choosing a good set of golf clubs is bit of a minefield especially when you are restricted to a tighter budget, but fear not we can help you find the golf clubs set that suit both you and your budget. The average golf bag will contain golf drivers including a fairway wood or two, several golf irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter. It may be best initially to start with used golf clubs or maybe borrow a set from a friend before investing more money. Discount golf clubs can be bought from most establishments, both online and in your local shop, you probably won't need to even look at a set of callaway golf clubs until you are a little bit more experienced. Then of course depending on your gender there is the obvious difference involved in choosing both mens golf clubs and ladies golf clubs.


Not so long ago its seemed that the sport was the sole preserve of the older generation, traditionally people would take it up as they move into retirement. Modern golf is continually evolving and enticing the younger generation. We will reflect this growing trend by offering reviews of junior golf clubs as well. While we are on the subject of involving everybody, we have not forgotten our left handed golfers either. They are often overlooked because they are in the minority but the balance will be restored here.

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For the more experienced golfer there is plenty to tempt you here, including advanced theories ranging from how shaft flex and swing speeds can effect the loft of the ball, also why the properties of various clubs make a difference in getting the ball airborne through to improving your golf swing. Then of course we compare and review the products from the big manufacturers. We look at the latest from Callaway and compare them with nike golf clubs and ping golf clubs to name but three.


But that is not the end of the story either as we will also delve into the world of clubmaking and show how important club fitting is to match your game. Maybe this is not the way ahead for beginners but certainly for the more experienced golfers it is worthwhile learning about this. This also dovetails neatly into what is involved in getting a nice set of custom clubs made just for you and your game and we go into what choices are available. Another important topic covered is club repair and we show you where to find a good service and also offer some tips on doing it yourself if you are inclined.


So I hope you can see that there is plenty on offer here as we aim to help you with your choices and theories about clubs. You may not use all your clubs in your bag but whether it is golf drivers or golf putters we aim to give you the information you need. So thank you for taking the time to see what is on offer here and be sure to bookmark this site because it will be continually updated with new reviews and ideas.

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