Callaway Fairway Wood Comparison


Callaway is one of the biggest players in the golf industry today. Their researchers and designers are thinking of innovative designs for golfers to achieve their ultimate dream, and that is to play like a Golf professional. Callaway fairway woods are designed to be very forgiving and easy to hit, whether you are playing on great fairways or not.

The Callaway fairway wood generates massive distance by using variable face technology. To decide which Callaway golf fairway woods are right for you, you must look at several factors such as the loft combination, the shaft material, and shaft flex. Being the best, Callaway offers the finest. Each Callaway fairway wood can cost you from $200 and up depending on which fairway wood models you want. However, used Callaway fairway woods are always a bargain.

Reading a golf fairway wood review can help you decide on which one is the right choice for you, or you can go to your nearest golf shop dealer and try some out. Most golf shops carry lots of different fairway wood brands. You can find taylormade fairway woods, Nike drivers, Mizuno drivers, and ladies Callaway fairway woods to name a few. They also carry accessories like Titleist bags, gloves, balls, and shirts.


The Callaway Big Bertha Ti 3 wood features the VFT technology for more ball speed and distance while the Taylor Made Rescue Fairway 3 wood incorporates Rescue Mid features into a fairway wood. It is engineered to combine high spin rate with a high launch angle resulting in long, fast stopping shots when playing those tight fairways.

The Callaway Big Bertha Ti 3 wood has a big face which has that big club head feel and makes it easier to hit especially with a slow golf swing. The Taylor Made Rescue Fairway 3 wood is designed to hit the ball at a higher flight with extreme accuracy on those wide fairways. Prices may vary from each dealer, so go ahead and shop around. The pro golfer tests each wood to find which one would fit their style to find the perfect winning fairway woods, and so should you.


Of course irons usage is needed for short distances. Depending on the yardage and the obstacle, the golfer selects which iron to use, be it a wedge or a 7 iron. Callaway, Mizuno, and Titleist offer different kinds of irons in their product line. The first fairway wood had a club head made of wood, it was constructed as an alternative to the irons that lack flight and distance especially in the 3 and 4 iron. This meant that the weight of the club head positioned lower and much wider to the center of gravity of the fairway wood shaft would create maximum forgiveness.

Through the years, this has evolved from having wooden heads to steel and titanium. Fairway wood usage usually comes in when golfers land their ball in the rough, a 5 wood is used prominently since the head's construction decreases and the loft increases to let it go lower on the ball at impact.

As well as Callaway fairway clubs we must not forget the humble golf ball. The great distances achieved by fairway woods would be nothing without our dimpled golf balls. This was designed to decrease air drag and allows the ball to take flight at a distance. Golf ball aerodynamics has progressed throughout the years of the sport. From using wooden balls to pouches with goose feathers inside to the golf ball we have today. So whatever ball you decide to use, you can't go far wrong with a Callaway fairway.


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