Choosing a Graphite Fairway Wood


Shafts make or break a fairway wood whether it be a steel or graphite fairway wood. Most golfers know that the appropriate shaft will help a game in terms of distance and precision. When buying a new golf set, golfers are usually assaulted with a choice between a fairway wood graphite shaft or a steel one.

Fairway woods steel shafts are more affordable than a graphite. A set of steel fairway woods will cost a lot less than the same set of fairway woods graphite shafts. In the past graphite shafts were considered fragile, but today, as long as they are free from cracks and chips and the metal laminate seal is intact then you're pretty safe. A steel made shaft is still as durable as it was reputed to be, as long as it's not bent out of shape.

Graphite fairway woods are lighter than steel ones, which makes it a popular choice for people who wants the added distance that a lighter shaft club will lend. With more and more pros switching to fairway woods with graphite shafts, let us discuss and compare steel and graphite fairway woods that is currently on the market.


Within reviews, it seems that most golfers will agree that TaylorMade r7 steel fairway wood is a lot more expensive than the r7 Ti fairway wood. Yet they are also saying that the TaylorMade r7 steel fairway wood provides more control and distance. Perhaps this is because of the technological innovation that TaylorMade gave its new offering. The Fujikura Re*Ax 70 gram shaft gives a player repeatable and consistent swings because ovaling is reduced.

Taylor Made r5 dual fairway wood was designed to have a titanium clubhead and a graphite shaft to increase playability and forgiveness. The graphite shaft is lighter and conducts less vibrations so your hand won't sting so much during mishits. Taylor Made r5 dual has a bigger face for extreme forgiveness, what's more its clubhead is made of titanium and shaft is graphite so it's still light. To maximize the r5 technology, TaylorMade r5 dual driver was also launched. The r5 dual fairway wood also made the top 10 best fairway woods of 2005, evidence that although TaylorMade is one of the more expensive brands, it delivers.


The Callaway Big Bertha golf clubs brand is Callaway's most precious, so it's no wonder that from drivers, Callaway also made a line of Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Wood. Having a bigger clubhead than most fairway woods makes big bertha give exceptional performance. Another offering is the Callaway fusion fairway wood, this club was developed to achieve higher MOI, which was accomplished by using a stainless steel face combined with a carbon composite crown that is lighter together with body and sole.


Adams golf ovation is not as expensive as the two brands mentioned beforehand. But it has been getting decent reviews. Ovation fairway woods, is a steel fairway wood offering from Adams that promises maximum yardage. Despite the popularity of graphite shafts Adams golf ovation made a fairway woods steel shaft that gives just the right distance, exactness, with the right draw. All this is thanks to an increase in fairway wood degree and a reduced spin-per-degree launch.

May it be a fairway wood or a driver, the Adams golf gt2 is all for accuracy. Most golfers attest that for such a reasonably priced graphite fairway wood, Adams golf gt2 sure can hit them straight.

Rounding Things Up

If you're struggling with hitting a driver, practice with the cobra f speed fairway wood, they were built to match a golf player's swing speed and ball speed. Another good option is the Cleveland launcher fairway wood it gives you a feel for a driver without the difficulty of control.

Lately there has been a growing trend of using rescue golf clubs, otherwise called hybrid clubs or utility clubs. Orlimar golf club are one of those who specializes in rescue golf clubs, they also revolutionized the PGA tour by coming up with the so called "thin faced" club. The Tour Edge hp3 is also a good example of the versatility of a wood and iron combined. Should you be in the US and playing around the Vegas area, you can find all the items mentioned above at the Stallion Mountain golf items.


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