Using a 5 Fairway Wood


A general rule in golf is that when using woods, you should play the ball off your left heel, but as the loft increases, you play further back in your stance. Beginners usually use the 5 wood for their second fairway shot, however, the 5 wood golf clubs are basically shorter in distance than the 3 wood. Some golfers use a titanium 5 wood when they are in the rough, but some use irons.


This really depends on the golfer but the best swing for a 5 wood club is a sweeping swing, flatter than that of an iron. A steep swing can cause the wood to stick to the fairway and pop a shot up. Practice this shot by creating a swing and "sweep" the ball of the grass with a full swing speed. You can use the 5 fairway wood when you are on the rough only when the ball position is on top of the grass; otherwise, opt for the 3 or 4 iron for those trouble shots.

Choosing the best utility wood for you can be frustrating. Read some reviews and try some out if you can to help you decide on which fairway wood set is right for you. Fairway wood models vary depending on the design the manufacturers incorporate in making these utility woods. Some have graphite in their fairway wood shafts, some have steel. Others have steel club heads; others use carbon or titanium in their club face. This all depends on what fairway wood brand you choose.

Womens 5 Wood

Lady golfers usually use a ladies 5 fairway wood along with the 7 fairway wood and the 9 fairway wood. Ladies 5 woods are designed for the unique woman's swing. They usually have smaller heads and shorter shafts but with increased offsets to have a high MOI and large effective hitting area.

Modern Designs

Nowadays, there are lots of changes in the fairway wood design which they call the hybrid clubs. The 3 wood or the 5 wood is being replaced by 16, 17 and 18 degree woods. Hybrids are a combination of the iron and the wood. They are intended to replace the 2 iron through the 5 iron. The hybrid club is designed to be an easy to hit golf club. Right now, utility clubs are being phased out because of the ability of the hybrid clubs due to their low center of gravity and ability in the rough.

5 Wood Brands

The Callaway Fusion Fairway Wood is described as the next step in composite club head technology. Callaway has corrected the errors they had had in the past model. The negative side of this is, it still is pretty expensive for the average golfer. The Big Bertha 5 wood product line boasts of its fusion fairway woods. It combines stainless steel with carbon composite to move the weight to its optimal location in the club head. It has Variable Face Thickness (VFT), Short Straight Hollow Hosel (S2H2), and Tru-Bore technologies as well as a 55 gram graphite shaft.

The Ping G2 fairway wood however has a new design called the VST or the variable sole thickness. This means that the weight is being moved to the back of the club and being positioned low to create less spin and added distance and a higher ball flight.

TaylorMade offers the R7 fairway woods which includes a 5 fairway wood. This club incorporates their patented TaylorMade Launch Control or TLC that allows the golfer to change the center of gravity location to uphold different types of trajectory. This is a titanium fairway wood engineered with 2 TLC ports situated low in the club's back. Installing two TLC cartridges of different kind of weights allows the player to change the CG or center of gravity. This is another technology refined to add to golf history.


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