Essential Golf Driver Swing Tips


One of the most important things to learn in golf is the golf driver swing. You can find many golf tips in magazines and books about the topic but let us tackle a swing tip or two for the novice golfer.

One thing that aggravates a golfer is the golf driver slice. You can eliminate this by squaring your club face to the target. Putting a wrist watch on can help because then, you'll be able to see the moves you are making. As you swing down , rotate your wrist so the watch face should be pointing at the ball before impact, then you will see your forearm flip on top of your leading arm, closing it will eliminate the slice and add distance. Start slow by adjusting your swing speed as you do your back swing.

Now, here are some swing tips, plant your left knee firmly on the ground and don't move your knee, as if a ball was in between them. Start slow on the back swing, cock your wrist, and pause at the top, begin your downswing, as you go down your backswing path, add some force from the muscles of your arm and trunk, the power isn't only from your wrists as most amateurs think.

A bad shoulder coil can cause your body to fall forward. Keep your head on the ball, hit hard and low, allow the golf driver loft to do the work, and then finish off with a balanced follow through. Practice to get your perfect swing plane, adjust your swing tempo as you back swing, in time you can have the swing of a pro.

Most top teaching pros will have plenty to say regarding golf swings. Learning golf is not that easy, there are no short cuts in learning this sport, but there are good books that can help like golfing for dummies. Still, the best ways to learn is to have a golf professional teach you the basics. You can go to your local driving range and find a pro that gives golf lessons and good a good golfing tip or two.

Most senior golfers still adjust their swing every now ad then, it is like the quest for the "perfect golf swing". Learning the sport takes time, constant training helps you get the good golf swing you aspire to.

Now, you must remember the classic golf swing is very different from the modern golf swing. In the classic golf swing you must remember four things: Stance, swing, contact, and follow through. It is finished with a reversed "C" positioning the body away from the target. In the modern golf swing, the golfer's body rotates and the hips points towards the target as opposed to the reverse C in the past. That is why modern golfers seldom have back injuries because of this swing.

Another way to gain just the right golf driver distance is to try a supersize driver. This increases the volume and forgiveness that goes with a head that is more powerful and accurate than conventional drivers. Try some different golfing drivers and compare some golf driver distance charts to see which delivers good quality in golf performance. I suggest you read more golf driver swing tips and I hope you enjoy some great golf on the fairway.


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