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There are a lot of golf drivers on the market today and we can learn a lot by breaking down each make and model. You may have read many reviews on the web and seen many driver comparisons and I would imagine your head could possibly be buzzing with information overload! Fear not, here at golf clubs mentor we bring you the definitive golf driver comparisons and reviews.

For The Budget Concious. . .

The Affinity 7075 cube driver is my choice for the budget conscious novice golfer. The 7075 is available for both right and left handed golfers and features a Winn G7 grip with a 10.5 degree head with an Aldila super charged, ultra-light shaft. It also comes with a funky head cover.

The biggest selling point of the Affinity 7075 cube driver is how forgiving it is. When you hit the ball you instictively know whether you have sliced or hooked normally but I am sure the affinity has some sort of autopilot that takes over when you hit a bad one. It is almost as if it recognises the rubbish shots and corrects your errors for you! In short, it makes a poor drive look average. It's forgiveness is coupled with a great MOI which offers great feedback. The 7075 reminds me a lot of the Orlimar QB in both it's feel and forgiveness and hits as straight as the Orlimar to.

Out of all the 460cc drivers that I have tried in a similar price range, the 7075 cube appears smaller for some reason but this certainly doesn't detract from it. In comparison to other 460cc drivers the Affinity seemed to hit straighter and more consistent shots, it even puts some popular more expensive brands to shame! The Winn G7 grip is very comfortable and feels very secure to hold which is another strong point.

Other brands worthy of mention in the budget range are the X-Factor Super Zolex Men's Hammer Driver. The X-Factor golf driver compares favorably to the Affinity driver and comes a close second. It is also very cheap at around $38. However, in my experience it doesn't match the forgiveness of the 7075 from Affinity. At around $100 the Nickent 3DX square driver is also worthy of mention in the budget range but I found it lacked the distance it needed but it makes up for it with much greater accuracy.

To summarize, the Affinity 7075 cube driver is an excellent driver for the novice golfer and especially if you are on a tighter budget. It compares very favourably with other 460cc drivers out there and even to some popular makes that are a lot more expensive. After scouting around the web for the best deals for the Affinity 7075, I decided that Amazon couldn't be beaten on price. Expect to pay around $78.

For the Bigger Budgets. . .

TaylorMade 2007 r7 SuperQuad 460Ti Driver for me, reigns supreme among it's peers. It may be more expensive than other 460cc drivers in it's class but it is ultimately a better driver that WILL improve your handicap and WILL make you a better golfer! Strong words you might think, but very true also, let me tell you why..

The Technical stuff..

The Taylormade R7 Superquad specs:

  • Head Size: 460cc
  • Lie Angle: 59 degrees
  • Material: Titanium
  • Club Length: 45 inches
  • Overall Weight: 330 grams
  • Shaft Weight: 65 grams

The R7 Superquad boasts a large 460cc head which features 26 grams of movable weight in what TaylorMade have called "TLC Ports". Effectively there are four interchangeable weights that can be moved and adapted to suit the type of golfer you are. In practice you can move the weights around according to whether you want to hit the ball with lots of draw, fade or straight down the middle. It is simply a matter of moving the weights around, see the diagram below to see how this works.

The 65-gram RE*AX shaft offers good consistency with improved clubhead speeds.

The 460cc clubhead incorporates Taylormade's Inverted cone technology (ICT) which promotes a fantastic MOI which gives good feedback as you hit the ball. Consequently the ICT offers the club a very low center of gravity which in turn gives this driver great distance over a long and high trajectory.

Visually, the superquad is stunning and it certainly stands out as the supemodel of the driver world. It's sleek black finish with flashes of yellow stripes look very stylish. That is one thing you can say about Taylormade, they know how to make visually stunning clubs. Looks are only skin deep though, just how good is the 460 superquad in reality..?

The R7 Superquad in use. . .

I have a tendency to slice my drives sometimes and so I setup the superquad's movable weights according to the chart to help with my slice. The first strike left me dumbfounded, straight with a slight draw and well over 250 yards. I struck the ball as sweet as anything, it was almost effortless. The feel of the club in my hands is great, the weight is just right and it feels like an extension of my body. I might get it grafted onto my arms! Okay, that is a bit extreme but I simply have fallen in love with the Taylormade 460cc superquad.


Best Web Deals

I am a superquad convert and so to save you the trouble of searching for the best deals online for one, I have done the work for you. At time of writing, the best price I have found is at Austads and also Amazon.



Another top end brand on the list is from Cleveland. Cleveland golf drivers have been around for quite sometime. You will see that a launcher 460 Ti is rated fairly highly in many golf reviews. It is lightweight with an Aldila NV65 shaft and a 9.5 loft. This driver is consistent and because it's equipped with a NV65 shaft, it does not seem to be prone to too much torque or twist.

Another driver worthy of note is a club by Adams Golf. The Adams Redline Driver Stiff shaft with a 10.5 loft comes highly rated and can be bought for under $200. It is made with a large club head with quality construction. The downside of the product is the grips, but you can change the grips anytime you want.


Reading plenty of reviews and making a golf driver comparison between different brands will probably make you wonder which one to get. It is really up to you on which club you are most comfortable playing with. You can find a golf shop that offers a golf driver test. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for a golf driver clone, they are cheap and convenient.

You can also search the internet and see some of the golf driver rating sites to help you decide. These golf driver comparisons may help you decide which is best for you. After all, it is not the clubs that makes the golfer. So read more reviews and try each brand yourself to tell which could help you improve your game.

If you have a higher budget, then go for the top of the line drivers. Hot Callaway golf clubs are the way to go. You get everything that you paid for. Quality Callaway construction brings satisfaction to every customer. Custom Callaway golf product assures that you have the perfect fit to your golfing needs. They have specialists that are specially trained to ensure you have a top fitting experience. Callaway prices starts at around $120 to as much as $600 depending on which club model.

Callaway has been one of the top players in the professional sport industry. Since they started, they have made a likely market acceptance through the quality products they offer. So if you want the best in quality, top in performance, consistently good write-ups in golf driver reviews and the best in golf driver distance then purchase Callaway.


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