How to Use An Offset Golf Driver


Every pro golfer knows that the right tees are important to a progressive golf shot like Golf driver specs are very important in choosing the right kind of driver that will complement and enhance a pro golfer's game. Having a top golf driver is equally as important as your ability to play the game but what if you have trouble with slice, enter the offset golf driver.

While a lot of people will argue that a golf club offset is merely a marketing ploy on the part of companies, golf driver comparisons will actually show that golf club offset really does give substantial result. An offset golf club driver can help with slice but the key is knowing when and how to use it.

What is Offset?

The golf drivers longest problem has been it's accuracy. Its shafts are longer, therefore a little more difficult to control in terms of directing the ball to find the fairway. Offset is when a golf club's face is set back from the shaft. In this way the shaft will look like it's in front of the club's head, which it is. What this does is move the center of gravity far behind the shaft, in effect bending the shaft forward and closing the face due to the centrifugal force upon impact.

When To Use An Offset Driver?

If you're wondering how in the world you will know when to use an offset driver, then the answer is this, it all depends on your swing. The best thing to do is to get a new golf driver with an offset. Offset golf drivers are perfect for people who have problems getting their balls to fly. Second, offset allows for a longer time on the downswing, because contact with the ball is later than a club with a slightly lesser offset.

The point of contact is important relative to swing timing because it will impact your ball's direction. To decrease slicing, compare golf drivers to others that are designed with an offset club head. Slices are actually due to the fact that your club head did not hit the ball squarely upon contact. Therefore if your drives have a tendency to slice then it is better for you to hit the ball at a later time in your swing to allow for a squarer hit in your follow through.

If your swings are good, and your balls don't slice then getting a new golf driver with an offset is a bad idea. Real golf players, meaning the Pros do not have any trouble making their balls fly straight. So they tend to employ drivers with only a bit of offset or none at all.

The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

If you're a beginner, a cheap golf driver may not always be the best especially if you're looking to become a regular golfer. Configuration is important so expect to invest more than a shilling for your golf driver. For the newbie when choosing a new golf driver then pick one that has an oversized club head, has more golf driver degree (loft), and an offset club head.

Cobra offset drivers are great at maximizing power and are one of the best offset golf driver makes around today. For any problems with your launching, the new 2008 king cobra golf drivers are great, for the reason that it has a precisely tuned club head together with the square alignment. Integra golf driver, ping golf driver, and titleist golf driver are also great offset golf club drivers that are included in my top 10 golf drivers list.


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