Is a Callaway Golf Driver a good purchase?


Callaway golf drivers are one of the best and most famous in the industry. Pro golfers like Annika Sorenstsam and Phil Mickelson use Callaway golf drivers. But with prices ranging from $160 to more than $500, are you really getting all your moneys worth? Or are you just burning a hole in your pocket? To be able to fully say that a Callaway golf driver is worth the cost or not we first have to know the fine points of owning a Callaway golf driver.

Callaway is one of the most famous club makers in the industry. Starting at $499 each, the FT3 Callaway drivers are one of the most expensive on the market. However, this driver's technology frees up about a quarter of the golf club head weight, allowing for the repositioning of the weight which helps prevent hooks. Hooks are commonly cause by a closed clubface which was avoided when Callaway designed the FT3. Another type is having a square face angle driver to prevent hooks. This helps in hitting the ball square on the face whether you hit the heel or toe of the ball compared to a standard convex face driver.

Callaway drivers x460 is the newest of all titanium clubs from the Big Bertha product line. It is called the x460 because the golf engineers incorporated a 460cc golf club head structure that has a shallower club face, a flatter shape and a maximum moment of inertia; meaning its going to give every golfer, straighter and longer ball air travel on an off-center shot. Additionally, the Stretched Head Design lets the center of gravity be positioned deeper in the club head to reach optimal ball flight and forgiveness.

In most golf clubs drivers reviews, Callaway has probably the most positive response from golfers. They have made their way to the top 10 golf drivers being used in the market today. Callaway is one of the top golf product manufacturers in the world. They have ventured not only in clubs but in apparel and accessories as well. Almost all golf shops have their merchandise. From Junior golf to ladies Callaway drivers, Callaway shirts, Callaway gloves, and Callaway bags. The prices in their products may seem a little bit high for the average golfer, but with it comes quality.

However, if you know that your budget can't handle all this, you can settle for pre-owned clubs from Callaway. There are some used Callaway drivers you can look up over the internet for about half the price of a brand new model. Budget wise, you can find a bargain buying pre-owned clubs. This is a good starter club if you are a beginner at this sport. You can buy used drivers, irons, and golf wood sets and save a bundle as you practice.

Being a beginner, you have to practice hard to get your golf swing right. You can go to your nearest driving range and look for a pro to help you and give you golf lessons. You can practice your stance, grip, swing, and follow through and progress before trying it out on the fairway. Try all your irons and see and work out your yardage gaps. If you are left handed, Callaway also caters to left handed golfers with their left hand golf drivers and clubs.

Callaway is a good purchase for most golfers. You pay for the quality of work it has on each club. Their golf club heads, club shaft, titanium clubs are made to perfection. Purchasing them can help you become a better golfer through their dynamic designs and technology.

Using Callaway golf drivers can help improve your game. Just remember your grip for proper clubhead control, the correct stance, square the club face on the target, always keep your eye on the ball as you down swing, and put in mind that the more bent forward your shaft will be at impact, the more dynamic loft will be imparted to the club head which leads to a much higher trajectory.

Exercising will help you pick up your game. There are arm exercises that can help you produce a great club head speed. The club head speed is produced by the strength of the muscles that move your arms. These tips coupled with a Callaway golf driver will surely lend a hand to a golfer's game.


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