What is the Best Golf Driver?


So, what is the best golf driver? With every manufacturer claiming to help you with distance, accuracy, preventing slices, hooks and pulls it's really difficult to tell which is the the best golf drivers today. Some of the best known brands of drivers are Callaway, TaylorMade, Adidas Golf, Cleveland, Nike, Ping, Mizuno, Cobra and Honma.

The Titanium Age

Although in the end it still depends on a golfer's choice and skill, sometimes the driver can give you an edge or take some off. Titanium is gaining popularity because it has less weight than steel and can create a larger club head without sacrificing weight. A golfer can swing the club head at a faster rate because drivers nowadays have a larger head surface area, and a lighter shaft made of graphite. Plus, because titanium is lighter and can be made thinner, it produces spring-like effect drivers that lend a couple yards more to a golfer who has a high club head speed.

Let's Talk Brands

It seems golfs hottest topic today is the banning of overly large club heads on drivers. You see golf driver distance depends on the club design. Oversized drivers and supersize driver design were deliberately intended to exhaust the maximum size that a golf club head is allowed to be to increase distance and precision.

Callaway revolutionized the golfing industry in 1991 when they introduced the Big Bertha Line. In the PGA Tour, many golfers use the Big Bertha Fusion and the X460. The Big Bertha x460 is designed to help stabilize the head and help in aiming the clubface. On the other hand the Fusion was made to harness maximum moment of inertia. Callaway also offers the best hybrid golf clubs in the market today.

Another popular driver in the PGA Tour is TaylorMade R7, it is said to be the widely used driver on the tour. It uses the Fijikura Biax technology which reduces ovaling in the center of the clubhead permitting further flexibility which in turn gives utmost stability, more clubhead speed and consistency.

Drivers are a little difficult to control, but not with the Nike Sasquatch; Nike prides itself for coming up with a driver that has a High MOI and we all know what that means. Higher MOI equals more forgivability. Hey, even Tiger Woods uses the sasquatch so it's bound to give you some game improvement right?

What To Look For In A Driver

In reality, a driver is only as good as the person wielding it. There are a number of things you have to remember when purchasing a driver to make it suit your abilities. In choosing a driver, the goal is to choose a driver that "feels just right" and in order to achieve this; a golfer must consider the swing weight.

To find the right driver for you and if you intend to buy golf drivers along with other clubs you can compare golf drivers on the internet via reviews. In the past it may have been difficult for left hand golfers to find the right left hand golf drivers, but with the coming of age of custom golfclubs nothing is impossible. Any golfer can have their drivers customized as well as their irons and putters. If you think that golf drivers are expensive, well they are. That's because they are one of the most important club in our bag. A driver equals distance and long second shots so it is important to purchase quality drivers. Now you can always buy cheap golf drivers which are clones of the more popular ones, but remember there is a reason why they are cheaper even if they come from the same manufacturer. What you can do is get look for best golf drivers that are the discount golf drivers in the market.

It is true that learning golf is no easy task and there are no short cuts. Aside from getting lessons, a professional caddy can be of help in showing you the ropes on the fairway. They can help you with your golf swing and watch for errors as you play. Caddies are of big help especially on your short game but above everything the good ones are trained to know golf clubs. Maybe you should borrow when you go shopping and then you may get the best golf driver on the market.


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