Are Callaway Golf Irons the Best Irons For Your Game?


Callaway is one of the leading golf set manufacturers in the world. They manufacture all kinds of golf equipment but callaway golf irons are one of the best golfing products on the market. A large number of pros on the PGA tour and European Tours are using Callaway golf iron sets. Callaway has created many different types of irons, each with different attributes of their own. They are the "Big Bertha", "X-Forged" and the "FT" as well as their own set of hybrid clubs. Most players prefer titanium or graphite shafts for a better backswing plane.

Big Bertha

The Big Bertha is one of the most famous of the Callaway golf set irons. They have a shorter club length than fairway woods. It has good accuracy blended with versatility and distance, as well as a low center of gravity and turf interaction. The most used in Big Bertha are the mid irons. Its club face has a large hitting area and is able to hit the ball quickly and easily giving more ball flight.

X-Forged Iron

The X-Forged iron club has maximum workability. It is the iron for the elite golfer who seeks precision coupled with distance control. It is made of 1020 carbon steel, giving it a good feel of performance fast swing speed, and responsive feedback to the golfer. The club's head has been redesigned with the blade shortened and with minimal offset, giving shot shaping ability that a player wants. They positioned the irons center of gravity lower in the longer club length irons while moving it higher in the shorter irons giving it precise distance control for your iron shots.

FT Irons

The FT irons are the most advanced iron clubs Callaway has created to date. FT irons are one of Callaway's more lofted clubs which makes them sort of scoring clubs. It is the evolved form of their fusion technology that give players with mid to low handicap the best performance and playability in Callaway golf irons. To increase stability, the club design they have given FT is a thin topline, higher toe and a lesser offset. The club head is made from a high density proprietary alloy giving more perimeter weighting. The result is a higher moment of inertia for astounding forgiveness. A thermoplastic urethane is inserted to the cavity back for decreased vibration, giving it a more solid feel. Another Callaway offering is the Callaway golf x 18 irons. This iron has extreme notch weighting for a higher MOI.

Perhaps that is why Phil Mickelson uses Callaway because it has the best golf shaft for a faster golf swing. To play a great golf game like Phil Mickelson does not have to be expensive, you can actually find Callaway used irons for a more affordable alternative.

To Sum Up. . .

Callaway Golf Irons are the best choice because they have a wide variety of clubs to choose from. Whether professional or recreational purposes, they have an iron model for every player profile. You can try out various Callaway clubs in driving ranges as well as get golf instructions from the coaches on the golf ranges. Many have purchased their sets due their feel and handling as written in many Callaway golf reviews. It depends on you to find a great golf club.


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