Choosing the Right Golf Iron Set


When it comes to choosing the right golf iron set, several factors must be considered in order to bring your golf game to its maximum performance, from the shaft material, the club head type, to the club lengths; you must also consider your golf swing in choosing your iron, as well as the club length that complements your height.

Picking the right golf iron set may take some time if you don't know what you like. There are numerous brands to choose from. Many golfers consider the technological design of each club, the criteria ranges from forged clubs to the shaft flex that each iron possesses. Reading golf iron ratings over the internet or magazines can be of great service in choosing the right irons for you. This article aims to help you in deciding which set to buy by breaking down some of the well-known brands of golf iron sets.

Brands of Irons:

The Callaway Big Bertha is one choice in the plethora of Callaway golf iron sets available. The Big Bertha irons set are the best when it comes to forgiveness because of the new all-steel design with Notch Weighting Technology. This means the weight moves in the direction of the heel and toe maximum for distance and forgiveness in your iron usage. With this patented design by Callaway, it turns even your worst shot to a great one.

When planning to buy a male golf iron set, Mizuno irons set should not be overlooked. Mizuno has come up with the Cut Muscle Technology. This club delivers a higher ball flight and is incorporated with COG precision in every club. This engineering is integrated in the Mizuno MP-60 iron set. This set was hailed the "Tester's Top Pick" in the 2006 issue of Golf Magazine's club test. Mizuno irons set mid irons are very comfortable and easy to hit regardless of its blade type club head.

Cleveland irons sets are also one of the top brands being used by professionals like Vijay Singh. The Cleveland CG4 is custom made out of a material that's been formulated by Cleveland; it is called the CMM metal. It has 17 times more carbon in comparison to the traditional steel. Cleveland aspires is for more vibration absorption with every iron shots. The club head has a cavity back that allows for added forgiveness ball go ball airborne even with miss-hits.

The new Ping irons set is called the Ping G5. It consists of a parallel, deeper cavity that has a widened sole and an expanded perimeter. It also allows the COG to be positioned further from the club face to allow high launching enabling more consistent accurate shots no matter what the lie angle is. Whether you're going for conventional irons or the hybrid irons set, Ping is certainly one way to go.

Another popular brand of choice is Nike. Nike irons set are designed to have blade type club heads. They are made of forged steel that makes them even more forgiving compared to Mizuno's MP-32.

If you think that some brands are too much for your wallet, then think about purchasing a pre-owned golf iron set. If you are a novice at golf, try the Golden Bear irons as a starter set, they are inexpensive, and easy to wield. Golden Bear is better than generic brands or clones. You can usually find Golden Bear clubs over the internet, some golf shops also sell them.

Most golfing stores carry lots of golf equipment, from men's iron sets to junior golf sets, shirts, gloves, and sets of a dozen balls. A variety of golf equipment is also available on the internet, from fairway woods, to golf driving irons, to hybrid clubs. Think everything through before deciding which brand of irons to pick before actually paying for them; remember a good golf iron set will help optimize your golf game.

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