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Golf irons get their name because of their club heads, which are made of metal. However, nowadays, fairway woods and golf hybrid clubs are also made of metal because of technology. For centuries, irons have always been attributed with thin metal club heads and faces with grooves on them. Normally, there are three types of golf irons, the cavity back for recreational players, the blade type or the "so-called" muscle back type irons for the most advanced players, these are the most common types of golf iron heads which you find on most iron sets. The difference between the two is that the blade type has a full back at the stern of the club head while the cavity back has a hollowed out rear fitted to a specific degree for novice players.

Common golf irons includes the 3 iron all the way to the pitching wedge which is a total of 8 irons altogether. Each club offers lesser a loft and a higher shaft compared to the next one. The 4 iron has a higher loft and a shorter shaft than the 3 iron, the 5 iron has a much higher loft and shorter shaft compared to the 4 iron and so on. So, a 3 iron has more distance compared to the 4 iron. Each iron shot has a yardage gap of about 10 - 15 yards per iron. Using the iron with the higher loft means more vertical trajectory with every golf shot. Another set of irons that are being marketed separately from the set are the 1 golf club iron and 2 golf club iron. However, when you are still learning golf, you must stay away from these two irons as they are too difficult to master because of the very thin club heads and very long shafts. Today, Modern golf uses modern hybrid golf clubs, infusing the woods and irons.


Amateurs usually use the short irons opposed to the mid-irons because they are easier to hit. Mastering the golf irons is no easy task, you need lots of practice. One way to do that is to go to a driving range and have a professional teach you the basics. Start with a practice swing, take your time on adjusting your club head speed and adjust your swing speed gradually, then Start on the 7 iron as your first golf club for practice and once you get the hang of it, try to use all your clubs. Once you have mastered the irons and have the perfect swing, eventually you will be on the fairway soon.

If you are a beginner, golf iron reviews can be of big help when choosing your first golf clubs. Do some research on finding that great golf club that is right for you and it will payoff for you. You must look for an iron with the right shaft flex to match your swing speed in order to achieve greater control and distance. If you think the price may be too much for your budget, you can search for discounted irons and used golf irons on the internet and in some golf shops. If it is to difficult for you to find the irons with the right club fitting, then have a club maker make you a custom club. Proper fitted clubs would make a difference in your game, there are a lot of bargains if you know where to look. Golf shops or sports stores usually have golf sets and golf equipment for sale, from gloves to golfing shoes.

Golf Manufacturers:

There is a lot of golf equipment to choose from, their prices vary depending on the features that they have. One company that is well known in the golf industry is Callaway. Callaway irons are one of the best when it comes to golf technology, though a bit pricey, you just have to remember that with it comes quality and satisfaction Callaway is unsurpassed. Another big fish in the market is Ping. Ping golf irons are also one of the top players in the golf market. Another make that is worthy of a mention are Srixon golf irons. Mizuno golf irons are also a good choice, as well as Wilson golf irons. Another brand of choice would be Cleveland. With Vijay Singh as an endorser, you can never go wrong when you choose Cleveland golf irons.


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