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A putter is the last and arguably most important club you'll be using; it is used to sink the ball in that hole to get that birdie or claim that win. It is very important because the right putter can help you develop your short game. There are a variety of putter brands to choose from but a callaway golf putter is up there with the best. There are putters from Callaway, Odyssey, Taylor Made, Titleist, etc. When you can't put in the cash for a putter from Callaway, you can settle for Hippo Putters or putters from Golden Bear. They are way cheaper than Callaway but they can't measure up to Callaway when it comes to putting and golf performance.

Callaway golf putters are probably one of the most used putters in the world of golf today. Almost all golf shops carry items and products from Callaway; from apparels to used Callaway putters, drivers, golf wedges, Callaway women's golf clubs, and woods. Callaway offers a long putter, with a variety of putter face. They also have a variety of putter blades: A blade putter, a mallet putter, and a belly putter. The decision depends on the player himself on which putter is a good putter to help him on his short game

One of the latest putters from Callaway is the new putter with interchangeable vision strips that allows the golfer to change the alignment aid for the proper alignment he needs when on the green, this is called the Callaway I-Trax putter. The I-Trax will make the player's eyes concentrate on the vision strip at the center of the putter head to clearly see the target line.

The Callaway Tuttle putter is also making waves in the modern golf market today. It has a center weighting at the bottom, and a nice feel with every contact enabling more control with every contact of the ball.

There is a putter that's similar to Callaway; Odyssey putters have also engineered there putters in order to give a golfer the best advantages. Another competitor offering is the Cobra Optica is a good putter, it is also a good buy for $150. This Cobra putter features excellent alignment that helps you align your putts with precision. It is made of triple materials and a tempered putter shaft.

Taylor Made putters and Cleveland putters should always be on your list when looking for the great putter. The Taylor Made moveable weight technology can be found in the Monza Corza putters. This enables the golfer to switch weights by inserting removable cartridges that changes the feel and the weight for maximum performance on the green. The new putters are made from soft carbon steel that combines the great precision and feel of forged irons with the classic design of yesterday.

Titleist putters are one of Callaway's biggest competitors. The new Titleist Studio Style putters have a putter shaft that is made from German stainless steel. It offers two variants of body styles, the softer Newport and Newport 1.5 and the crisper Newport 2 and Newport 2.5. This could cost you around $300 while the I-Trax could be around $290.

The short game is the most important part of golf. The putt can make or break a game. It can make par or if you're really bad could take a par shot and turn into a triple bogey. A Callaway golf putter is one of the best to employ, especially for the average golfer because their putters are designed to be more forgiving. When you find your putter's sweet spot, swinging the putter becomes easy and with every putting stroke each time you step on the green you will notice the difference.


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