Choosing a Golf Putter Cover


Golf is not just about hitting the golf ball with your driver, irons, and putter. It is also important that you take proper care of your equipment. Being in College golf or junior golf is no excuse in taking care of your clubs and one immediate thing you can consider is the humble golf putter cover.

The covers protect your putter face from dust and scratches when not in use. Golf putter covers come in different styles and design to add pizzazz to the golfer's tour bag.

There are a lot of manufacturers that make special designed covers. You can opt for animal putter covers, NFL putter covers, and NCAA golf club covers, even college head covers to safeguard those delicate club heads and putter heads. You can also opt to have a personalized putter cover to fit your style and preference. For that personalized touch, you can have your name embroidered on every head cover.

One of the companies that design and sell these head covers is Cameron putter covers. Scotty Cameron putter covers has a wide variety of theme designed covers that has a long neck with a divot tool included in each one. All head cover shapes are the same but the price range differs extensively depending on the design and materials used. There is also a Scotty Cameron mallet putter cover to accommodate the head shape of the mallet putter.

Another brand of covers to look for is from Stealth. Stealth head covers though not as attractive and colorful as Scotty Cameron's covers are still a class by itself. They have colorful leather putter covers that guarantee to encase a snug fit putter as well as every iron club to assure further protection. Stealth's patented designs ensure that the clubs fit efficiently for easy access and with more space.

Coverupz is a pioneering company when it comes to golf putter covers. They integrate the use of Velcro for usability and durability of their putter covers. Additionally the Velcro makes it easier to take on or take off. You can check Coverupz online to see look for prices, compare products, and, the different makes and models, or you can grab the recent issue of Golf magazine and see what's new in putter covers.

Other prominent companies that make putter covers include Odyssey putter covers, Odyssey has a wide array to choose from. The Odyssey White Hot XG putter # 7 is one of them, along with the Odyssey 2-ball Saturn putter cover.

Ping putter covers have a collection of covers to select from to protect your Ping putter. Depending on which Ping putter model you have, be it a belly putter or a blade putter, Ping has already covered ways to guard your putters from damage. A well maintained putter with it's own golf putter cover will allow you to continue that outstanding putting game.


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