Is a Heavy Putter Golf Club Right For You?


Since March 2005, the heavy putter golf club outperformed the best putters like Slazenger putters, Ben Hogan putters, as well as golf putters from Cobra in a chain of scientific tests.

This was organized by Rankmark and Max Out Golf Labs. The Heavy- B3 model putter came in first which featured a mallet style club head and heel mounted double bend putter shaft which outperformed even the other TaylorMade putters by as much as 25%.

A heavy putter has exceptional features that's brings out the best results even with off-center hits. This kind of putter will certainly change and enhance your game. Different putts with obstacles were done and the heavy putter had an exemplary performance. Through these series of tests, the heavy putter was met with an overwhelming success.

Golf putter ratings gave the heavy putter an incomparable review. The science behind the success of the heavy putter club design was studied for years before achieving the results we have today.

The regular putter weighs about a pound while the heavy putter weighs about 2 pounds. It is a club with a heavy mass putter head that is in possession of an extraordinary weight management system coupled with a heavier upper shaft insert and swappable weights in the tip. This generates a point of balance that is 75% higher than other branded putters. Having the pure pendulum stroke, and the heavy putter head, can aid you in sinking the ball in shorter putts. Thanks to the combination of golf and physics, these scientific updates have validated the reasons for golfers shift to the heavy putters.

The heavy putters integrated two kinds of head shapes and three diverse hosel orientations. They offer conventional, mid-length, and long putter lengths. To make this a good putter, the materials used are of billet 303 stainless steel which is a soft type of metal that produces that soft, light gripped pressure feel. It is face balanced to perfection to encourage pure pendulum stroke with a more consistent ball path. As a feel for pace, those who are accustomed to the King Cobra putters and also the Mizuno custom clubs will be in for a surprise.

Aside from the Heavy-B3 model, there is also the heavy putter A-2. This putter has a diamond cut putter face that makes the most of the golf ball's roll and reveals that soft touch feeling just after hitting that putter sweet spot. Unlike the Carbite putters "Polar Balancing", the much heavier A-2 has a softer relaxed feel and proper weight distribution. Though it still has the inserts, this mallet putter is still incomparable to the advantages of using the Heavy putter to optimize your golf performance. After taking advice from various golf tips and golf instruction, it seems, with a heavy putter golf club, you can never go wrong.


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