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In 1850, golf was played with wooden clubs as well as with golf putters. The woods were made with long hickory wood and thin skinny heads that looked pretty much like a hockey stick. Then the clubs evolved with steel heads but still with wooden shafts during the feather ball period. This era lasted up until 1885. The golf putter was made of wood from the putter shaft to the putter head up to the putter face. There was no custom club fitting then, so taller players used to stoop down to make contact with the golf ball. Before, all clubs had an upright design which was taken from the game of cricket.

The first steel shaft experiment was a failure due to its weight. They then introduced perforations but still were not as light as hickory. In 1926 came the use of heated and tempered high carbon steel. The new golf design sets were introduced with an array of lofts and head designs.

Putter Variations:

There are various types of new putters out on the market today. Putters may differ in engineering and others are simply similar to one another. The blade putter, the belly putter, and the mallet putter are some of the more common golf putter types. There are also long putters. One of the best putters out today is the Callaway golf putter. The Callaway I-Trax is the first ever putter golf club with swappable vision strips, this allows the golfer to swap the alignment aids to match with the target line. Another brand to look for would be Odyssey golf putters. The Odyssey putter called the White Steel 2 ball SRT is the first to use the SRT approach which brings the MOI by shifting the center of gravity back on the putter face. If you want precision in performance, power and design, you might want to try putters from Bettinardi golf. You can look at more great putters by reading golfer's reviews and reviews on the internet as well.


For amateurs, hiring a golf instructor to help you with your short game might help develop you as a better golfer. This is much better than reading one of those "Golfing for dummies" books. Young golfers must concentrate on practicing their short game and how to handle golf putters comfortably because this can make or break your game. You can practice with helpful inventions to help you in your putting like putting practice training aids. The short game is another key for a great golf game, putting can really make a difference. Just don't forget to take the ball marks and ball markers on your putter path on the green before you make your putt.


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