Choosing the Best Lob Wedge For Your Game


What is one of the most important shots a player should be able to make in order to lower his score? If you're thinking: those 60 yard shots or something from the green, then you're right on the dot. Most golfers know that being able to harness the golf lob wedges is very important particularly since a lob wedge can be of use when in a tight spot.

Meet The Wedges

Gap wedge (Approach wedge), sand wedge, lob wedge, and pitching wedge are the four wedges that most golfers have in their bag, because they know that these are the ones that make a difference; these are the scoring clubs. Of the four wedges the lob is the most lofted wedge, with a degree angle ranging from 58 to 65 degrees.

Making A Difference

There will be a time when you need to make wedge shots that necessitate for high carries above water hazards or bunkers to stringent pin positions. You can of course make a flop shot with a 56 sand wedge, however using a lob and making a cut lob shot will definitely make reaching the green and controlling your ball effortless.

The common dilemma most golfers encounter is the low bounce angle of some lob wedges. The more lofted wedge with low bounce angle will act like a shovel and golfers will end up taking massive divots.

Employed by a golfer with a good backswing action and just the right descending hit, a lob adds dimension and versatility to any short game. If you're planning to buy wedges then follow these simple tips.

For novices, purchase a lob that is no more that 60 degrees because the higher lofted wedge is, the more difficult it is to master. Second, choose a wedge whose bounce angle spans from 8 to 13 degrees, reason being, that the higher the bounce angle, the easier it is to wield the wedge since it will not dig into the turf too much. Another reason for the substantial bounce angle is that the lofted wedge golf club can be used as a sand lob wedge for bunker shots.

Pitching wedges are always a must for beginners but having four wedges will definitely become an advantage later on. You'll be a lot more effective in reducing your scores and improving your game with the use of a lob.


If your looking to buy wedges, may it be brand new or a used lob wedge then here are the best kinds you should consider looking over.

Lob wedges F2 series, is a 60 degree wedge that's a good choice for beginners. It is equipped with the face forward technology that lets you forget about skulling or shanking worries.

Cleveland wedges 588 is a 64 degree wedge that is not very difficult to acclimatise to. From the fairway it works very well in manoeuvring tight pitches. It can make your ball go as high as 75 yards max.

Other choices for a great lobbing wedge are the ping wedge and big bertha lob wedge. Conversely if you're simply looking for a more affordable lob wedge then try a Yonex golf club, and practice on that before purchasing the more prominent brands.


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