Choosing the Best Sand Wedge For Your Game


The sand wedge is the club that is used to hit the ball when a golfer is in the bunker or more popularly known as the sand trap. This is the heaviest iron found inside a golfer's golf bag and has the highest loft of 58 degrees and longer than the pitching wedge.

Using the lob sand wedge is an acquired art and some important points to note are that you must alter your backswing plane upwards and your swing speed and hit the ball "fat" which means that you hit the club into the sand before you hit the golf ball as you downswing.

To be able to be a good golfer you must learn how to play the short game, which means you have to practice wedge shots like the chip shot, pitching, the flop shot, the putt, and the bunker shot or sand shots. The most difficult part to master is the bunker shot. Bunkers are usually placed around the green, also known as the greenside bunker.

Improving your short game develops your golf game, the better your short game the more you sink that birdie putt every single time. There are plenty of obstacles in the fairway that you may encounter; the bunker is not only your problem. There are water hazards and the rough and the hills. There is also the hanging lie, which means the ball lies in a downhill slope of a hill which makes a difficult stance for the golfer.

When you are in the brink of buying wedges, figure out what type you want, there are a lot of different styles out in the market today. There is a fat shaft sand wedge, sand wedges with graphite shafts, steel shaft wedges, a 56 degree loft wedge, etc.

Online websites have some offers on a used sand wedge too, you never know, you might find a bargain in some of them. You can also try to look at some local sporting goods stores; some even sell left handed sand wedges and even used golf sand wedges.

When budget is not a problem, try some sand wedges from Callaway. The Callaway X 16 sand wedge for instance has a 50 degree gap steelhead with graphite regular flex. The Big Bertha sand wedge however is not a bad choice either. You can also try Nike sand wedges and see if this is for you, if not you can always go for the old dependable Cleveland sand wedges. Just know what you want, and see which sand wedge fits your swing and can help develop your game further.


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