Choosing the Right Golf Wedge Set


Being able to drive from afar is useless when you're no good at the short game. Golf wedges are called scoring clubs because most of the time they determine whether you get a par or a birdie. Wedges ultimately help your golf performance in case you don't have a very strong driving golf shot this is why you should seriously consider purchasing a good golf wedge set.

So, how will you know what kind of wedge you should use? First of, look at all the clubs in your golf bag; if all you have is a pitching wedge then you'll really have to consider purchasing a golf wedge set. Wedge play is crucial, because they determine whether you are an excellent and strategic great golf player or a bad one. A lot of golf shops sell wedges by the set, meaning that they bundle gap wedge, lob wedge and a sand wedge together.

Introducing The Wedges

Wedges are always recognized by their lofted club design and not by the club length of the shaft. A pitching wedge is the most basic type of wedge; it is not usually included in a set because it is really treated as a higher lofted iron. With a loft of around 47 to 50 degrees a pitch wedge is used for longer chip shots and a full golf shot so that the ball lands right on the green.

The Gap wedge is employed to bridge the difference between a sand golf club wedge and a pitching wedge. Its benefits are sort of the similar to that of a pitching wedge except that it offers more variations and opportunities for maneuvering to the green.

Weighing close to 40 ounces, a sand wedge is probably the heaviest iron in your bag. Traditionally a sand golf club wedge is supposed to have the highest lofted club design, to help actual golfers get out of those bunkers. A sand wedge has the shortest club length for those fat golf shots that lift a ball out of the sand.

The lob wedge now has the distinction of being the most lofted club in a wedge set. It is commonly used during shots to make the ball fly higher. Unfortunately, because a lob wedge has a significant amount of loft it also has the highest backspin rate.

Loft, Bounce, Shaft and Finish

Now actual golfers already know that loft is an important element of a wedge: specific lofts for specific needs. The higher the loft the more a ball soars, the shorter the distance that the ball will travel. A golfer should carry different lofted wedges to make room for alternatives during their short game. Just the right bounce will greatly improve a golfer's chipping and pitching swing. Bounce is what gets the ball up depending on the turf you are playing on.

A wedge's shaft is typically made of steel and has a stiffer flex than other golf clubs. This is because a wedge is supposed to give precision and utmost feel. A specific finish can also affect how wedge shots go. There are choices of Chrome, Black Nickel, Nickel, Rusty Raw, Beryllium Copper, and Oil Can.

Branding and Rounding Things Up.

There are two types of Adams golf wedge: The Pugllieli Wedge has milled groves for greater spin retention and the Tom Watson wedge for dampened vibrations. If you want ingenious club design then give an f2 golf wedge a once over. Its been engineered so that the ball will have already bounced off the club face before sand or grass even got a hold of the club head and twist it.

Tom Watson also used to employ Ram Wedges. Ram Wedges have been used by actual golfers for over 60 years now. Cleveland wedge sets are the most popular kind of wedges, even in the Pro golfing arena. It is the most dependable wedge you can find. A Cleveland golf sand wedge is potentially the best club for those tricky bunker shots.

For the most part, club fitting is vital in choosing the perfect golf wedge set. If you can't find one you can always have a wedge golf club set custom made. Ladies golf club sets and kids golf sets can be bought for your loved ones, because it's much more suited to their capability. Aside from the right equipment it is also important to learn how to properly swing the club to be able to maximize your wedge's potential. So practice that free arm swing and see you in the field!


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