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Cleveland golf has been manufacturing and selling clubs since 1979. They started off creating classic golf club replicas; today they are home to the most innovative and number 1 wedge in golf, the Cleveland golf wedge.

Even an amateur golf enthusiast knows that one of the keys to great golf are wedge shots that land right smack on the target line. This is because 70% of golf shots are done 120 yards or less from the pin and that's why wedges are used for the so called "short game".

By Design

Generally there are three types of Cleveland golf wedges. There's the pitching wedge, lob wedge, gap wedge, the sand wedge, plus the lofted wedges which gives higher ball flight that helps when you're right at the base of a very steep hill.

The make up of a Cleveland golf wedge is superbly astute; it really affects a player's game and wedge play. Let's do a review of Cleveland golf wedges that are currently popular in the professional golf circuit of today.

Cleveland wedges 588 series is a benchmark for all wedges. This open championship proven wedge has U-grooves, high toe profile, and a large club face area that makes quick stopping high shots easy to hit and right onto the green. Many have attempted to copy the 588 wedges but have never been successful. It has been said that not even Mizuno golf wedges can surpass the Cleveland golf wedges 588's playability. In fact PGA tour players prefer this "old wedge" over other newer designs for just the right wedge shot. In comparison Titleist golf wedges also have the Vokey 200 series that boasts of a 10% increase in spin during dry weather and 85% on wetter conditions.

However, it seems that most of the Golf wedges review articles in various media speak very highly of the Cleveland wedges cg10. For this product line Cleveland concentrated on reducing vibrations for easier manipulation and engineering. The carbon metal matrix diminishes the vibrations for that purely soft feel.

Cleveland wedges cg11 is the tweaked version of the Cleveland wedges cg10 which is an exact opposite from that of the TW Nike golf wedges. Nike golf wedges usually give greater feedback, meaning more vibrations during a wedge shot. The Cleveland wedges cg11 however retains the soft feel of the cg10 but with increased forgivability due to the larger cavity which results at the clubs better lie angle at address. The lie angle helps so that the ball lands right in the club face square. Incidentally Powerbilt irons are also designed with a cavity on the back for more allowable off center hits.

With the club head sitting squarely right behind the ball, the Cleveland wedges 900 gives better club head speed. Cleveland wedges 900 are a very good example of high lofted wedges that helps cradle the ball during address. Its gunmetal finish also helps reduce glare. While we are on the subject, cobra irons have tried to emulate the Cleveland golf wedges design's and combined it in one iron. Whatever the competition it seems that Cleveland wedges are still one of the most recognized and widely used brands on the PGA golf tour.

Ernie Els, who is an avid fan of Callaway golf clubs, even has a Cleveland golf wedge in his bag. By the way Cleveland left handed golf wedges, and junior golf sets can be found in any golf shop across the country.


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