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Golf wedges are actually irons, only a bit more specialized because they are higher lofted than the 9-iron. Considered as the scoring clubs, there are three types of golf wedges: the sand wedge golf club, gap wedge and the lob wedge golf club. Although the pitching wedge is technically a golf wedge it is often treated as an iron.

Beginners are usually advised not to worry too much about the first three, but if you want to play great golf, perhaps its better to get yourself acquainted early on. As a novice the first thing you must concern yourself about is the pitching wedge golf club.

The pitching wedge is unique, because it falls right smack in the middle of an iron and a wedge. When a pitching wedge golf club is swung like a 9-iron, the swing velocity will cause the ball to travel from 80 up to 130 yards, and when the swing is only with a chipping motion, the pitching wedge will produce short game shots.

A gap wedge is usually a golf wedge that closes the gap between a sand wedge golf club and a pitching wedge. In the past, the difference between the loft of a pitching wedge, and a sand wedge was 5 degrees. Today, it is 10 degrees and when conditions call for something in between, an experienced golfer usually employs a gap wedge golf club.

The maximum loft of any particular wedge's clubface is 60 degrees, and a lob wedge golf club has such an angle. It is generally used for spin retention to stop the ball at a particular target on the green or make the ball go high.

Sand wedge golf clubs are called the "trouble shooters", they are utilized when a player is in a bunker and needs to get out. A sand wedge is not a distance wedge, but it is important to make sure that the loft gap between your pitch wedge and the sand wedge is not too much, or else you might have to buy a gap wedge golf club.

Wedge play requires skill and constant practice, in order to play the best golf of your life. Find a swing trainer to improve your plane swing so that the clubhead moves underneath the ball. Remember a wedge has the highest loft in any golf equipment, so it has to "carry" the ball through its launch. Golfer distances are important, but the right wedge shots will help you get the ball on the green and closer to that hole.

Cleveland golfing equipment manufacturers have revolutionized their golf wedges by milling their clubface to produce higher spin retention. Cleveland wedges golf clubs have about seven choices for 2008 alone. They also manufacture left handed golfing wedges.

The F2 golfing company on the other hand, tends to sell their wedges by set. Even though it's cheaper to buy per set, it is still better to go to a golf shop and purchase singles so you will be able to choose just the right club shaft with the appropriate wedge flex. A Wilson golf wedge is very affordable at only $40 per piece, this one is also a good choice if you're in the look out for a good deal.

If you're having difficulties in mastering golf wedges you can always exercise with a junior golf iron or even use hybrids for the meantime.


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